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If your STM32 board does not have a bootloader yet and you want to be able to program it over USB, you'll have to upload the STM32duino bootloader to flash memory. See Burning the bootloader.

Arduino and Arduino_STM32

  • Download and install version 1.6.13 of the Arduino IDE from here.
    • If you already have the Arduino IDE installed and it's a newer version, see the Boards Manager package method of installation.
  • Run the IDE, and on the Tools menu, select the Boards manager, and install the Arduino Due from the list of available boards. This installs compiler support for ARM Cortex-M3.
  • Download a zip file containing the Arduino STM32 files from here.
  • Unzip the content of the zip file, and place the Arduino_STM32 folder to [Arduino sketches folder]/[hardware]/[Arduino_STM32]. Create the 'hardware' folder if it does not exist yet.

Operating system specific

Operating systems differ in how you get the USB hardware recognized.

Next steps

Refer to Uploading a sketch