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Level of support Good
Bootloader Flash with [1]
Flash 512KB
User LED(s) PC13 (lights when the pin is LOW)
User button(s) None
RTC Crystal Yes
ST-Link header Yes
Reset button Yes
USB Connector Yes. Micro USB - (good quality)
Access to Boot0 & Boot1 Yes. (jumpers)
Additional features AT24C08 - 8K I2C EEPROM
W25X40 - 512K SPI FLASH
Manufacturer data

Hardware installation

Software installation

Bootloader needs to be flashed using USB to Serial or ST-Link (SWD) See Flashing the bootloader

Follow the normal Installation guide

Where to buy

Ebay or AliExpress etc

Additional notes

Known issues

The board can have slightly incorrect value for USB pullup resistor. In case of issues enumerating the USB device check the pull-up resistor, the correct value should be 1.5k.

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